Can The Best or Top HGH Pills (Human Growth Hormone Supplements) really give you a new lease of life?

If you want to look and feel young again, read on... 

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Human Growth Hormones (or HGH) are hogging the headlines as a way to a healthier and more youthful life for the millions of aging "Baby Boomers" worldwide. Is this all hype or are there some justifications to these HGH euphoria?

For starters, we know that Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are the master hormones that everyone needs. These hormones help regulate our bodily functions so that we can be remain strong with youthful vitality. HGH hormones also give us tight skin, strong teeth, a good sex , among other duties.

The pituitary gland in your brain is responsible for producing high levels of these master hormones, especially during your youth. But since all good things must come to an end, this high HGH production level cannot be sustained and will eventually slow down.

Thus as the longer you live, the lesser the amounts of these vital Human Growth Hormones are produced. As the years drag by, you begin to lose your vitality and your youthfulness. Your skin begins to sag and your teeth becomes shaky at the roots. Sex becomes yesterday's news.  If you look into the mirror, you may think you are looking at your dad/mum.

human body
The human body remains young because of HGH

In other words, you become "OLD". Well, that was the bad news.

Now for the good news...

In studies done by Dr. Daniel Rudman, Dr. Ronald Klatzen & Dr Steven Lamm, it was found that our HGH levels can be replenished to keep us looking younger, feeling stronger, more sexy etc. One of these stuides, involving men over 60 years of age, revealed something shocking. These older men were  given 6 months of human growth hormone injections and were found to be looking and feeling at least 10 years younger!

Yes, you can look years younger (and get a new lease of life, so to speak) with an increased level of Human Growth Hormones in your system. But before you rush to the nearest pharmacy to grab all those HGH supplements(or gate-crash your family doctor's clinic to get those HGH injections), you must know that there are various forms of HGH available on the market today.

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